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Clinic Overview

  • This clinic is run by Dr. Chintan Shah and Dr. Maryam Fesharaki.
  • We accept referrals for all pediatric neurology conditions such as seizure, epilepsy, headache, tics, movement disorder, developmental delay, cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders.
  • Dr Fesharaki has special interest in pediatric headache and she accepts referral for pediatric headache.

Appointment booking

  • Due to high volume of referrals there may be waiting period to see pediatric neurologists. But we are committed to provide pediatric neurology services to the community in timely manner and we try our best to schedule your child ' s appointment as early as possible.
  • All new patients require referral from their family physician or other physicians. Once we receive referral we will call patient to book their appointment. Patients discharged from clinic but want to be seen by neurologist again for similar or different clinical complaints may require new referrals from family physician but we will try to see them within 2 to 3 weeks.
  • We advise patients to book their next follow up appointment (if asked by doctor) before they leave office. If you are not able to book follow up appointment at that time please call back to the clinic to book your routine follow up appointment. Clinic is not responsible to book routine follow up appointment.
  • We also advise all patients to call our clinic to book follow up appointment to discuss results of any tests such as blood tests, EEG, MRI.
  • As we do not receive notification for patient ' s hospital appointment for EEG or MRI test it is patient ' s responsibility to call our clinic to book follow up after the test is done to discuss result.
  • For any emergency follow up please call clinic and we will try to book follow up within one week depending on doctor ' s availability.

Preparing yourself / Your child for appointment

  • Explain your child about their appointment in simple words such as ' you are going to see brain doctor ' .
  • Be ready to stay in clinic for at least 75 minutes as many appointments may take longer. Also we may have to accommodate emergency appointments from hospital.
  • Bring patient ' s health card and any previous medical records as well as medicines with you. This will facilitate care of your child.
  • For patients with seizure, tics or other movement disorder bring videos of events. This will be a great help for doctor to understand your child ' s condition.

Preparing yourself/ your child for EEG appointment

  • We do perform EEG test in our clinic for few patients. This include routine EEG, sleep deprived EEG and daytime Video EEG.
  • What is EEG test, For more information about EEG test, Click here..
  • Consent to perform EEG test, Click here..

Neurology clinic policies

Cancellation and No Show

  • Once you receive appointment we will send reminder call 2 to 3 business days before your appointment. If we are not able to talk with you in person voicemail will be left on number registered with clinic.
  • If you are not able to attend please inform us at least one working day before your appointment. Patients who do not show up on their scheduled appointment will be charged no show fees.. Also you may need to get new referral to be seen again in clinic.
  • Many patients are waiting for many weeks to see specialist so please inform us about any cancellation so we can book other emergency patients as early as possible.

Prescription Refill

  • In neurology clinic we are able to accept prescription refill request only if patient is seen in clinic during last 6 months. If patient is not seen in clinic for 6 months or more they have to call and book follow up to get prescription refill.
  • Please ask your pharmacy to send prescription refill request to clinic.
  • Make sure you call clinic at least 4 to 5 working days before so we can send request to pharmacy in timely manner and you have continuous supply of medication.

Email Communication

  • Though email communication is faster and convenient way to communicate it is not considered as secure and safe for confidentiality. So we want all patients to sign email communication consent form before we initiate any email communication.
  • All emails are read by secretary and many of them will be answered by them as advised by doctors. We try to answer email within 3 to 4 business days so please do not ask for appointment booking or cancellation via email.
  • Consent for email communication, click here

Neurology Resources

For more information about Neurology resources, Click here..